Monday, April 17, 2006

Job Qualifications

Today there are many job listings requiring a person have a degree for job qualification. This may be needed in some situations but not having a degree should not disqualify you from applying for a position. There are numerous people, I believe, that are qualified to fill jobs that are now listed on the Internet and in newspapers but never get the chance. Having a degree does not automatically mean that you can perform the required functions of specific positions. It is also a true statement that not having a degree does not mean that you can not perform the required functions. There are those who self-teach themselves on various subjects. I feel that there needs to be a mechanism that would benefit both the prospective employee and the employer.

Employers should not automatically disqualify job applicants simply for the reason they have no degree. I myself have experience in a variety of subjects through work and training that qualifies me for specific jobs. Sometimes in our work we are placed in positions to perform functions that have never been accomplished. This type of experience, which is not associated with a degree, does not mean we are any less qualified for performing specific tasks. I am also self taught through reading books and accessing web sites for various topics. The sites provide the tools to understand various processes and allow you to learn by doing various functions. Learning by doing a function is the best way to learn. Reading a book or taking a class helps to give you information but you must put it into practice. I have also met people who have degrees but they do not have the common sense necessary to perform common work functions. Again experience and evidence

One mechanism that should be employed is allowing proof of experience for specific job requirements. There are organizations that provide testing to validate people can perform specific functions, which qualifies them for specific jobs. Another avenue is for the applicant to provide documentation of performing specific functions either through documentation of taking specific classes such as those giving certifications or examples of work performed. There are other methods to prove you can perform specific tasks. Sometimes this can be documented in letters of reference from friends that you have worked with or can substantiate your qualifications. When job openings are placed on web sites or in newspapers, the employers should allow this kind of qualifications to be used to apply for the position (s). All these avenues of proof should be available to substantiate your experience and qualifications.

There are some positions that are advertised that allow either a degree or work experience in applying for positions. Companies that use this kind of qualifications will, I believe, receive applications from individuals that may not otherwise have qualified to apply. If companies block out certain avenues for applicants, they will never know if they have received an application from the most qualified individual (s).

I welcome comments regarding this position in announcements for positions. Companies should allow people to apply without restrictions that block qualified applicants from applying. When companies do this they will have a better chance to receive applications form the most qualified, available people.


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