Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Heroes

I read a book titled American Heroes: In Defense of America. This is a great book. We tend to think of American heroes as those individuals that are part of our military forces. American heroes can be anyone. They can be your neighbors, friends and anyone with which you interact. A hero is someone that helps to change or impacts the lives of others through their action (s). Sometimes being a hero involves risking your life such as a policeman, fireman or military person. It can also be helping others get out of the way of a dangerous situation. We need to be thankful to any profession or person that helps protect the rest of us. Many times there are those who are critical of professions for situations that occur. They focus on the bad results and try to inflame the situation. This does not mean that situations should be ignored but people need to have an open mind, as there are always two sides to a story. Sometimes things cannot be avoided while other times people involved with professions to protect us do not react, as they should. People make mistakes and the profession and the people in it should not be labeled when situations arise.

People in professions that provide services involving serving the community or our country are typically, I believe, good, honest people who do their jobs to the best of their ability. Professions such as fireman, policeman and those in the military are only a few of the many professions that support our communities and our country. Often times their lives may be hard relating to the requirements of their job but they have a commitment to serve. We should honor that commitment and service on a daily basis. They are heroes in the true sense as their action impact the lives of the people around them and their country.

Decisions are sometimes made that put others in harms way but we should support the people that carry out those decisions. An example is our military. We should support the many people serving in our military and their families in the sacrifices they make every day. The decision to go to war should not affect our support. They are serving to protect us from harm. Even without a war their local communities and the nation should support all our military and their families.

Another example of a hero can be a dad for a son or daughter. Parents who support their children and try their best to be examples for them to follow are heroes. When we have principles that are a reflection of who we are and we stand by them we can be heroes to others that we may not even know. Heroes change or impact the lives of others in serving their community or country. If you would like more examples of who are American heroes I highly recommend that you check out this link: ( On this site it indicates that this book (Modern Day Heroes: In Defense of America) will be given to those in the military who would like a copy. Making the decision to buy this book and supporting our troops by paying for a copy for the people on this list would be one way of showing our appreciation.


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