Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Integrity of Teachers

The integrity of teachers has a great impact on the quality and content of classes they teach. There are many teachers that take their job seriously in our education system. They feel they are an important piece to educating the leaders of tomorrow. However, there are those who are just there for the pay and do not make any effort to go the extra mile. If our society is to have the leaders it needs for the future our educational system must provide those who take the profession of teaching seriously. Teachers are not limited to our school system but also those who teach within companies or organizations. Those who take great care and effort in the education process need to be rewarded and recognized. Criteria should be established to recognize those teachers who actually exhibit enthusiasm in their teaching efforts. There are many good teachers but sometimes the system involved does not provide the resources to enhance the content of courses taught at all levels.

Part of having integrity in teaching a class teachers must have the qualifications and/or experience to teach. There are times when teachers are administering classes for which they have no degree or knowledge in the subject. This is evidenced by statistics that is available on the Department of Education web site. I have also written an article titled Integrity in Education which can be accessed at Classes that are taught in companies or organizations are also important to be assured that the best instructor is provided for the class. A person who has taken a class does not make them qualified to teach. They may have the knowledge of the subject but not the capability to put that knowledge to work in teaching others. There are those who have a gift or enjoy the educational process and can translate a subject to a classroom environment. These people should be utilized at all levels in all organizations. This concept applies not only to the private sector but also the public sector. Using these resources will help to enhance the quality and integrity of the education of tomorrow’s leaders.

Those who take the profession of teaching must have integrity for the subjects they teach. They must make sure that all applicable information is provided to their students. They should have the resources at their disposal to make this a reality. Teaching any subject involves not limiting the content to provide complete and accurate information for the students to learn. If a teacher does not possess the knowledge or experience for a subject they are assigned to teach, they should respectfully refuse to teach it. I have a high regard for teachers and they should not be forced to teach subjects that their degrees or experiences do not provide adequate resources.
Teachers must also provide a connection from the classroom to the application of the subject to society. This is important to show the students the applicability of the subject when they enter the job market. This will not only enhance the quality of the learning process for the subject but will increase active participation of the students in the class.

To summarize integrity of teachers at all levels is important and must be emphasized by not only the teachers but also those responsible for the quality and integrity of the courses being taught. Administrators, school boards and anyone responsible for course content must assure that a quality education/training is achieved. They need to take the measures available to them to assure the most qualified people are teaching the applicable subjects. Sometimes this may involve allowing those without degrees to teach specific aspects of a subject to connect their experiences to the classroom.


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