Friday, June 23, 2006

Leadership and Integrity

Leadership and integrity are two concepts that are an integral part of each other. To be a true leader and someone who sets an example for others to follow, a person must display and have the characteristics of integrity. A person who leads must do so with setting examples for others. Their actions and character have others who follow them based on their examples. Sometimes we are leaders by example and do not realize that we are an example for others. In our work we can be leaders simply by completing our assigned responsibilities to the best of our ability. This type of commitment can be an example for others.

Leadership as an individual or as a leader of an organization or company must display integrity principles in all decisions and actions that are made. It is important that leaders today display integrity. This must be validated through documented records. A person who displays leadership credentials but has no evidence to support their statements are not real leaders. Leaders are honest, tell the truth and they make the right decision not based on opinion but on a complete set of facts as they know them. Sometimes that decision may not be popular but a true leader does the right thing whether or not it is supported by an organization or company to which they are associated. If a leader makes a mistake as identified through additional information, then he/she must take steps to correct the error and give the reason (s) for the change in position.

Leaders set good examples for others and by their actions others will follow. This affect sometimes occurs without realizing the effect. Integrity principles must be instilled in the fabric of our economy. True leaders must have integrity in all phases of their lives, both personal and business. We as individuals must make an effort to change the perception and actions as identified in news stories of the lack of integrity in business and government operations. I believe there are people in business and government that have integrity and make the right decisions even though they may be unpopular. If you make a statement or commitment, and it must be moral and legal, then we loose credibility if we do not complete the action or documentation does not support the statement.

Credibility is important in society today and can be the difference between success and failure in our daily activities. Again today we have seen and continue to see many instances where various leaders, both government and in the private sector have failed in the performance of their duties. If the mechanics of leadership in society is going to change we as individuals must take action to require that change take place. While we are only one individual, if enough individuals take a stand to instill integrity within society then if others do so society will begin to change. People have a right to have leaders in business and government to have integrity in their performance of their responsibilities.

We are all capable of being leaders. We have the capability of leading by example and instilling the qualities of integrity in our actions. We as parents are in essence leaders for our children. If we want our children to succeed and be future leaders of society, we must be leaders for them and be examples that we would want them to follow. Are we going to make mistakes? The answer is yes. The key is to show our children that we can learn from our mistakes and help them to avoid the mistakes we have made. If we are true leaders in our parent responsibilities, then our children will be examples for others and society which will increase their chances for success.


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