Monday, June 05, 2006

Permission to Think

I recently read a blog from another writer titled I Give You Permission. The blog was by Matthew Moran. This blog article brings to the surface many things that I feel have occurred in many places within society. We sometimes limit ourselves waiting for opportunities which slowly surface or not at all. There are also times when opportunities arise and we are reluctant to make a decision. Our society and the environment in which we work in part sometimes generate this.

Unions, in some cases, stress that we should not do anything outside of our assigned responsibilities. This condition, I feel, is usually to protect the worker from the management of a company trying to get work done at less cost. While this may be good for the company it does not provide benefits for the worker as they are performing duties totally outside of their responsibilities. There is another side in that we as workers can provide our own opportunities for advancement if we volunteer to do something outside the scope of our job. This provides evidence that we can do other functions that we may not otherwise be recognized as qualified to perform. This can provide an opportunity for applying for future job openings. This will only work if we receive the credit for the functions we performed outside our assigned duties. The remainder of this article will identify various aspects of the I give you permission article with my input and examples for each area identified.

I give you permission to create opportunity

We can create our own opportunities. Many people look in newspapers or online for job openings that they are qualified to perform. This limits our opportunities. We have the capability of creating our own opportunities. If we have what we feel are the qualifications to perform specific tasks but are not recognized as qualified, we should contact the source advertising the position and let them know why we feel we are qualified for the job. This opens avenues to the hiring facility and us as individuals by not limiting our search for those positions where there is a clear connection between our work/experience history and the position (s) being advertised.
We can create or recognize other opportunities by what appears to be a lack of integrity in business and products. People want to do business with organizations that are committed to integrity principles and they want products that are of high quality and function as advertised. If we can provide these conditions through our business/web site, then we open an avenue that may not otherwise present itself.

I give you permission to request and take on projects and responsibility outside of your direct training or job description.

This aspect identifies conditions to increase our expertise on any subject to which we feel has a need. In a past position there was a need to understand a specific process. As a result I researched and looked at procedures and requirements and became familiar with the process. I became a recognized expert for the process as I took the initiative to learn as much as I could through research and asking questions. It became one of my recognized quality/experiences that otherwise may not have taken place without my initiative to learn new things. We must all not be afraid of learning new processes or technology as we never know where it will take us in the future or the opportunities that may open as a result.

I give you permission to learn new technologies quickly and turn them into tools in your arsenal within 2-3 months of learning them.

In the preceding paragraph I mention about taking an initiative to learn new processes or technologies. Taking this aspect further we can create new opportunities by creating technologies that are needed to fill a need. Many things were designed as a result of the need to advance our space exploration. New products and techniques were needed to successfully accomplish our landing on the moon. As a by product new products became available that may not otherwise been accomplished. We can also use the new technologies and/or processes we learn to make a positive impact on our business or company with which we are connected.

I give you permission to yield the rewards of unyielding, proactive, optimism.

This aspect involves having a positive attitude. We should restrict ourselves from drawing a conclusion that something will not work. While having a positive attitude will not reduce the amount of work involved but committing to an idea and researching and making it work is what this country is all about. Many people take ideas and work with the process to finalize a new technique, product or service. This not only creates an opportunity but enhances our experience and may provide other opportunities in the future that are not known at the time. If you are interested in reading the article by Matthew Moran here is the link: The article was posted 3/28/2006.

If you are interested or have a skill which will benefit other companies or organizations in your area the article suggest contacting them directly and not waiting for a job announcement. This creates an opportunity and establishes your creditability. In business we seek opportunities to succeed but we must make our opportunities by researching available options within the scope of our business. There are many instances which are overlooked where opportunities exist for various marketing methods but there are also opportunities for us to develop our business profile by establishing an opportunity.


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