Monday, September 11, 2006

Integrity in Cancelling Interviews

Many times people schedule interviews and do not show up either in person or are not available when a call is made. There can be varying reasons for this to occur. However, when we establish an appointment for an interview, we must honor it or notify the organization with which the interview is scheduled. This commitment applies to interviews being conducted for jobs, interviews as an author or celebrity. The main focus needs to be to honor the commitment we have made. When we do not show up for an interview it places an unfavorable impression by others on our character. This is something that you do not want to take place.

Interviews can be a significant event dependant upon the purpose. If it is an interview for a job you must give a good impression by arriving for the interview as scheduled. This is the first impression an organization generates before the interview begins. Starting off on the right foot in an interview is important. When we do not show up for a scheduled interview for a job it impacts the schedule of the person conducting the interview. It causes a shift in the schedule and this is something that is remembered by companies when making decisions to hire employees. The key in this situation is to notify the person that is scheduled to conduct the interview as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointed time. If you reason is valid most companies will not hold this against you and will be willing to reschedule the interview.

Interviews with radio or TV personalities are another matter. If you are an author and have interviews scheduled either in person or by telephone, it is important to be available at the appointed time. The worst thing to do is to not be available to answer the telephone to participate in the scheduled interview. This causes a scheduling problem with program time and will earn you a reputation that you do not want, especially if you are a beginning author and want good publicity for your books and articles.

In the world of TV and radio it is important to have contact ahead of time just prior to the scheduled interview. This is to assure that no mistakes are made and to verify that the interview time has not changed based on unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes this occurs with radio and TV hosts and issues arise that changes their program priorities. While this does not occur often, it is advisable to be aware of the possible changes in schedules. Personalities or their staff will usually contact you to verify to availability for the scheduled time. I had an interview with a local TV station and they called to confirm the appointed time the day before the interview.

Interviews with radio stations can be live or recorded based on the time the interview is scheduled and the location of the program and the person to be interviewed. Sometimes the times require that the interview be recorded as the time of the program was not conducive to a live participation. This occurred with an interview I had with a radio station in California. The time of the program was 11:00 P.M. California time and since I was in the Eastern Time zone the time would have been 2:00 A.M. Therefore the interview was recorded.

In summary it is important to contact the person conducting an interview for whatever reason if you are unavailable to make your commitment. Again emergencies do occur and people will normally understand when commitments need to be changed if you have a valid reason. This will help to achieve a positive image in the eyes of the interviewer and greatly enhance your perception as a person of integrity. It will also help your cause for the reason for which the interview was to be conducted. Remember to consider the impact on others when you must cancel an interview in any situation. You would want the same courtesy.


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