Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Personal Integrity

Personal integrity in today’s environment is a trait that must increase. Individuals make up companies and the integrity of a company or organization is affected by the integrity or the lack of it in their employees. When we perform our assigned tasks we must do so with the intentions of doing the best job for which we are capable. This involves not only following the policies and procedures but assuring all our work and its content has integrity principles within it.

We as individuals in our job descriptions have tasks, duties and responsibilities. We must take these requirements seriously. The company or organization for which we work is dependant upon us for completing our assigned duties and responsibilities. The effort and the results of completing these requirements must be done with a quality effort. This involves not only the quality of the work but the content as well. It is imperative that any information that we generate must be complete, accurate and reliable. This also involves the tasks of being honest. If we create data or information that is not honest the decisions made from this data will be flawed based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

Performing less than our full potential causes inefficiency and increases cost. This in turn increases the cost of operation and may cause a rise in price for the product or services that are being provided. This in turn could cause a reduction in market share and thereby be a threat to the job we are occupying

Again we as individuals must look at our duties and responsibilities seriously. We must provide a high quality performance of our duties. The evidence of completing our assigned tasks must be accurate, complete and reliable. Decisions are made by management of companies and organizations based on our job performance. These decisions can affect the security of our position. This statement is made simply because if the quality of our job performance is lacking, it reflects upon the security of the organization and can be perceived by the public as lacking a quality product or service. We as individuals can help to project a positive image of the company we work for to the public. Providing a positive image through our work can help to gain respect in the public’s opinion of the products and services being produced. This has potential of increasing market share and thereby provides more security for the position we hold.


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