Saturday, August 26, 2006

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity in our society is an important aspect. Those who are involved in the academic segment of our society whether it is as a student or teacher the integrity of the process must be protected. This protection can be critical to the future of society. Academic integrity affects our society in a way that many people do not realize. It can be found in news stories where integrity of academic institutions has been questioned.

The academic portion of society involves schools, training facilities and businesses at all levels. The integrity of the academic process must be protected to assure the completeness, accuracy and reliability of the information being taught. The information being used in subjects must provide all the details associated with the topic to assure that applicable data is included. Information which is applicable to the subject must be presented as part of the learning experience. Leaving out information affects the complete understanding of the subject by the participants. It also can or does affect how and what decisions are made in the future.

While not everything may be able to be included, the teacher/instructor must make sure there is no bias in the information presented. The bias can be from the school perspective or the instructor. Bias as far as conclusion or opinion does not belong in the classroom environment. Students must be presented the information and then decide for themselves their conclusions. all the aspects are referenced It also includes the qualifications of those giving the instruction. Rules for both students and instructors should be identified and strictly enforced. The rules discussed below are only examples of conditions which should be in place.

Another aspect involves the nature of respect. Respect for the instructor and respect for the participants. Those participants in a class who exhibit a lack of respect for the instructor affects the academic integrity of the class. This condition exists as it takes away the potential learning opportunities and becomes the focus rather than the content of the class being taught. Attention must be focused on absorbing and understanding what is being taught.

Another side of this condition involves the fact that teachers/instructors must earn the respect of the class participants. This can be accomplished partially by exhibiting a professional appearance by the way the class information is presented and the physically appearance of the instructor. If a person is not appropriately dressed for a classroom environment, then this aspect can take away attention of the students. If the students do not feel the instructor is being professional in conducting the class, then they may not give the attention to learning the information. If an instructor does not appear to be serious about teaching the information, the participants may not be as well.

The instructors presenting the information must be knowledgeable of the information being taught. Instructors teaching must have the qualifications to present the subject to class participants. This does not mean that all instructors must have teaching degrees. There are many classes taught in a business environment where people are selected to take classes and train others in their organization. It does not make them any less qualified to teach.

To summarize participants in a class must focus their attention on learning the information. They must also assure that their behavior is ethical and right and does not take the focus away from the subject being taught. The instructor must make sure all applicable data is presented in the subject to achieve integrity in the content. The information must be complete, accurate and reliable. To be less affects the understanding of the subject and the decisions that will be made in the future by the participants. This is especially true in the business environment. .


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