Monday, August 14, 2006

Integrity in Applying for Jobs

Integrity in the job market today has a distinct need. Today there are many jobs posted on the internet on a daily basis. There are a wide variety of positions posted with a wide variety of requirements for those jobs. It is imperative that when you are applying to a specific job announcement that you make sure that you meet the requirements as posted. It is both time consuming and inefficient for companies to process and/or review applications for a job to which the applicant does not meet the minimum qualifications.

Integrity in society today needs to be increased or at least the exposure of the integrity that is present. Applicants who apply for positions must help to provide an effort to increase the amount of integrity in society. This can be accomplished by making sure that you meet the qualifications for the position. This first step in applying for positions is to make sure you qualify. This shows that you have integrity in not applying for a position for which you cannot perform the requirements.

Sometimes the qualification terms can be vague and you are not sure if you meet the criteria. One way to identify if you can perform the requirements of the position is to look at the responsibilities. If you have experience in performing the identified actions chances are that you can perform the duties. Sometimes, however, the minimum requirements such as a degree keep you from applying for the position. It may be difficult to keep from applying but you must respect the conditions imposed for the position.

It is up to the company posting a job announcement to assure that they are not limiting qualified candidates from applying. Many times those who do not have a degree can perform the job as good if not better than those with a degree. A degree is a good thing to have but it does not necessarily mean that you can perform specific tasks of a position simply because you have a degree.
In summary you should only apply for positions for which you qualify as defined in the position description. Sometimes the title of the position may be misleading as to your meeting the requirements. Before applying for a job make sure that you can perform the duties as defined and that you meet the minimum requirements in submitting an application. This will help the company to reduce cost by not having to review applications for people who do not meet the minimum requirements. It will also show that you have integrity in this specific aspect by not applying for a position to which you do not qualify.


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