Monday, August 07, 2006

Integrity in Restaurant Service

Service by restaurants and integrity is a concept that we usually do not bring together. Integrity does play a part in the service we receive or not receive in the service we get when we go to a restaurant. Service involves both the issues of getting our order correct and the service we receive from the waitress/waiter.

Service of the waitress or waiter is a key ingredient in whether we are a satisfied customer. Satisfied customers return to places where the service and the food are good. Integrity in restaurant service by a waitress/waiter involves several things. The main point to address is that attention to the customer is critical. People do not like to be shown to their seats and then ignored. They expect to have a person to take their order in a timely manner. When we go to a restaurant we would like to be provided with integrity of service. Integrity of service involves accomplishing the responsibilities in serving the customers. Some of the elements involved are listed below.

Take the order in a timely manner.
Check to make sure the customer (s) do not need drink refills.
Make sure the order is correct before setting it on the table.
Take the dishes when the customer (s) is finished.
Ask the customer (s) if they want dessert.
Check to see if the customer (s) needs anything else.
Write the order down correctly.
Not forgetting part of the order when delivering.

Part of the service in a restaurant involves the preparing the order. The integrity and service of the chef involves making sure the order is prepared as requested on the ticket. There are times that I have had to send food back as it was not prepared correctly. I like my food cooked well-done and I will return it until it is done as I requested. There are times when it comes back correctly the second time but there are times that it takes 3 or more times to get it right. A customer who experiences this is not apt to return in the future as a repeat customer. It is important for chefs to make sure the orders they receive is prepared as the customer requested.

Many times I have been in restaurants and have received excellent service and there are times when the service has been lacking. When I do not receive good service I usually do not leave a tip or if I do it is a small one. This is to send a single that I was not happy with the service I received. Sometimes if the service is bad enough, I let the cashier and/or the manager know of my experience.

If we receive good food/service we as individuals should tip our waitress/waiter to show our appreciation. There are many good waitresses/waiters in restaurants. Those that provide good service should be rewarded; those that do not should not. When we do a great job we like to be recognized so we should apply the same principle to service in a restaurant. Recognize good service when it is received. The people in this profession will appreciate it.


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